1. Fix window network gui issue, ethernet bridge radio button not selected when it is on
  2. Implement Model system
  3. Phoebe, rpc2, changes
  4. ROM patching for NCOS 0.10/1.06/1.11 variants (/stuff/peterh-patch-netstation-ncos.patch)
  5. Add podule descriptor for networking podule (/stuff/peterh-add-network-podule-id-string.patch) some duplication with makechunk() but otherwise fine
  6. See if can link EtherRPC driver with StubsG
  7. Windows GUI mousehack issue, mouse not in correct place until window is moved (/stuff/peterh-force-window-move-to-fudge-allegro-mousehack-bug.patch)
  8. Investigate tlsa aclocal allegro issue
  9. Support building Dynarec and Interpretter in one build step
  10. Move windows specific source files to a sub diretory
  11. SKIP Update StrongARM id to Rev T
  12. SKIP - ROM patching for all NCOS variants