1. Release Notes: 90% (link)
  2. Fix StrongEd problems on 64-bit Dynarec: 55%
  3. Once new version update, update manual netowrk section to link to ours not riscos.info network docs.
  4. HostFS updates: 100%
  5. Network GUI: 100% (link)
  6. Network Documentation: 100% (link)
  7. Network warnings via error() call: 100%
  8. Allegro GUI for error() and fatal(): 100%
  9. Refactoring the #if defined RPCEMU_LINUX || defined WIN32 || defined _WIN32 into RPCEMU_NETWORKING in rpcemu.h: 100%
  10. Review and commit patches from Tom Hughes: 100%
  11. Add in a bit more info to the log file: 100%
  12. Add printing section to manual: 100% (link)
  13. Write Linux Compile doc: 100% (link)
  14. Update RO5 on RPCEmu doc, mentioning the recent fixes and the current issues: 100% (. Update again to explain diffs with Tom W roms Vs ROOL roms. link)
  15. Modify Windows installer to ship with the Networking components, preplace in hostfs subdir with readme: 100%
  16. Modify Linux archive creator to ship with the Networking compoents in hostfsdir with readme: 100%
  17. Fix for !Blocks crash in RO5 (link)
  18. Remove spoon branding

0.8.7 Cutoff line (all above for inclusion, all below optional)
  1. Sort out what IDE fixes are needed for latest Tom Walker RO5 roms, postpone ship 087 with this not working at all, rather than appearing to work with blocker bug in.
  2. Review + commit Mac OS X changes: 50% (link) (link)
  3. HostFS updates
  4. Update windows installer to ship and run with Allegro 4.4 DLL (post 0.8.7 for gcc 4.5.0 and alleg 4.4)
  5. Potential log items given time contraints
  6. Look at feedback from ROOL on forums (link)
  7. Portable Module: 50%
  8. Tom Walker patch for background running in windows