Qemu download 1.7MB Tar BZ2

In Daniel's own words.

Notes for anybody interested in downloading:

On the qemu front, over Christmas I had a go at trying to contort qemu into pretending to be a riscpc. Then I read on some riscos news site that there is now Tom Walker's windows riscpc emulator, and qemu work based on Nick Burret's work.

My qemu attempt is different to both of these as it is supposed to be a hardware implementation dynamic recompilation rather than swi-cloaking-magic. I choose the Risc PC because the processor as it stands is obviously more similar than to an ARM 3. I am not totally sure of what the Nick Burret version consists of but here is what I have done:
I started by using a 3.7 ROM, but after a while realised that if I used ARM Linux I would have a source to follow. Despite this I have come to a sticking point - both RISC OS and ARM Linux hang or crash in the boot up (puzzling memory aborts in ARM Linux), and I have no idea where the problem comes from. I stared at Tom Walker's source, butthis has not shown any significant difference.

In conclusion, if anybody wishes to pick up the pieces and have a go using any of the code I have written, or alternatively using it as a base for something else, then the source is available on request; I don't have anywhere convenient to put it at the moment.