Update March 2007

A significant amount of work has been done on this port of QEMU since the March 2006 release of QEMU by Daniel Clarke. Although it does not yet boot RISC OS or ARM Linux it may be of interest to devlopers. The intention is to bring the code to a point where it emulates A7000/RPC class hardware and can be added to the official QEMU source repository.

Here are 2 screenshots of the most recent progress
RISC OS borked
ARM Linux borked

The current aim is to progress the support for ARM Linux, as this is allowing us to fix hardware emulation bugs without running into the 26 bit arm emulation bugs at the same time. Also due to being compiled code, ARM Linux uses a smaller selection of instructions and instrustion variations than RISC OS.

Snapshots of code, created nightly (but only worry about the revision number, the date is fairly meaningless).Important note to end users, this is development code and does not run RISC OS or ARM Linux yet
SVN logs of recent changes

If you would like to submit a patch into the repository please email it too peter.howkins (a) marutan.net. If there's a large amount of traffic I'll set up a mailing list. Or email me with your questions or requests for more information.

For the original March 2006 release by Daniel Clarke which is now only of historical interest, please Click here.